Standard Hours

Monday – Friday 9AM – 8PM

Weekend- 9AM – 8PM

It’s Best To Schedule These In Advance.

Weekend Appointments Are Subject To An Additional Charge.


Standard Hours

Monday – Friday 9AM – 6PM

Saturday – 10AM – 5PM

Sunday – Closed

Holiday Dog Walking Schedule

Based on Availability

Holiday Hours Must Be Booked In Advance, One Week Prior. Holiday Appointments Are Subject To An Additional Charge.

Our office is closed and regularly scheduled walks are suspended on the following days:

  • New Years Day
  • Family Day
  • Easter
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day

Two Hour Window

IT’S COMPLICATED – Due to the complexity of our clients varying schedules and the unique challenges of maneuvering through the city in all climates, we reserve a two-hour window around the time of your scheduled walk.

For example: If you are scheduled for 3pm, you can expect your walker will arrive sometime between 2pm and 4pm. This window helps us manage constantly varying schedules, bad weather, towelling dogs off after rainy or snowy days, varying travel times between clients, and of course elevators that sometimes take forever to come for what ever reason.


Invoices will be emailed to you based on the payment arrangements you prefer. Urban Tail accepts payment biweekly and monthly.

Payment must be made 14 days after receiving the invoice. Invoices that are not paid after 14 days will be charged a 10% fee. Invoices outstanding after 60 days past the due date may be subject to cancellation of services.

Payment can be made by paying cash or by email transfer to loriblair60@yahoo.ca. If paying cash please have cash in a sealed envelope with your name and invoice period clearly written on it so we can allocate it to our books. If you have paid in cash you will receive a receipt once we have received it.

Are You Regular?

Establishing a regular schedule for your dog is recommended. This helps us allocate our walkers and ensures that you receive your desired walking window. Regular schedules also help us carefully plan so that we can ensure each of our clients get the most out of every visit from our walkers.

24 Hours

For the above reasons, we require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice to guarantee accommodation. Please be mindful of this in the event that you need to make changes to your schedule. For weekend walks, all reservation and changes must be made by Thursday night by 5pm.

Priority #1

At Urban Tail, our top priority will always be the needs of the animals that we work with. In situations when there is a last minute emergency or a special request, we will always do our very best to accommodate our pals. However, we cannot make any guarantees for short notice situations.

It Varies

If your schedule changes from week to week, please remember to make your reservations ahead of time. This will help us to ensure that your desired walk times are available.

Cancel That

Our cancellation policy is basically our reservation policy looking in the mirror. All cancellations must be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled walk (By 5pm the day before) This gives us time to adjust our schedule and give the time slot to another pooch. Failure to cancel within the 24-hour window will result in the full price of the visit being charged.

It’s Been Confirmed

In the event that we show up for a scheduled walk and your pooch is not home or unable to come out and play, you will be charged for the full rate of the visit. Also, it is imperitive that your walker has both key and fob to gain access.  Security is sometimes busy and away from their desk, we cannot wait. In this situation, we will wait 5 mins, while trying to contact you . If we cannot get in, you will be charged  full rate for the walk.

Extreme Weather

In the best interest of both your dog and the walker, 1-hour walks will not occur if there are weather advisories or strong storms with thunder and lightning. In either case we will go outside long enough for your dog to relieve themselves.

Emergency Care

In the event that something should happen to your dog that requires medical attention, we will do everything possible to obtain the right treatment for your dog in a timely manner. In the event that we are unable to reach you in a timely manner for whatever reason, we reserve the right to take your pet to the nearest veterinarian at the cost of $25 an hour.


We require that all dogs be current on their Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, Para influenza, and Hepatitis vaccinations. Vaccinations must be administered by a licensed veterinarian a minimum of 48 hours prior to Urban Tail”s services being performed and records of vaccinations must be provided.

Pet Health, Behavior And Safety

We reserve the right to refuse service to any pet for any reason including, without limitation, if it appears that the pet is sick, injured, in pain, or that its behaviour could jeopardize the health and safety of other pets or our staff. Urban Tail does not accept aggressive dogs. Client agrees to be responsible for all costs (including, but not limited to, medical care, attorney fees, etc.) if client’s dog should bite another person or animal. Urban Tail does not walk any dogs over the age of 8 months who are not spayed or neutered.

All pets need to wear proper Licensing identification. Urban Tail is not liable for any fines incurred if pet is not wearing such identification.

Urban Tail Dog Walkers may photograph or video the client’s pet(s) and use these photos/recordings for marketing and promotional purposes without any liability or obligation by the client.


Urban Tail personnel may enter client’s home for the purpose of picking up/returning their pet. We will not be held responsible for dogs that cause damage to furniture, carpet, flooring/woodwork, walls, etc. while walker is not present. Urban Tail cannot be responsible for any complications dogs may suffer or actions of dogs while they are unattended.

Urban Tail and their sub contractors agree to provide services stated in this contract in a safe, reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives any and all claims against Urban Tail or its sub contractors unless arising from negligence on the part of Urban Tail .

Pet sitters are representatives of the company and have signed non- compete agreement. At no time are they allowed to solicit business from clients referred to them by the company. If they do so, or if they accept pet sitting jobs “on the side,” they are at risk of losing their jobs. This is necessary to protect the business.

Any wrongful or misleading information in the Pet Information sheets may constitute a breach of terms of this Dog Walking Contract and be grounds for instant termination thereof.