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    Have peace of mind knowing all our sitters & walkers are fully licensed, certified and insured.

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    When cat sitting, your home will also be well cared for, in your absence.

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  • Bed & Biscuit

    No barns or crates.
    Just couches, beds & pillows!


Toronto Dog Walking & Pet Services.

Trusted & Serving Toronto Since 2004

Our Services

Dog Walking

Designed for owners who may be unable to take out their dog, or just wish to provide them with more exercise & stimulation
For the best, profesional dog walking service in Toronto call us today!

Cat & Puppy Visits

Urban Tail has years of experience providing loving care for your loved ones, short or tall, big or small.

Bed & Biscuit

Home style boarding
No crates
Just couches, beds & pillows

About Us

loriTrusted, Reliable and Caring Dog Walking and Pet Services in Toronto for over 18 years!

Urban Tail is more than just a Toronto dog walking service. We’re right up there with doggy runs and fire hydrants, when it comes to lifestyle must-haves for Toronto dogs. From the moment you contact us, we find out everything there is to know about the routine that you and your dog are used to. After that, we’re all about fun and exercise, good health, proper stimulation and reinforcing good habits.

Whether you’ve got a puppy or a wise old pooch, we set up a program that works best for both you and your dog. How do we do it? We don’t just talk – we listen. A great walker knows your dog’s personality and quirks, the places he likes to go and the places he doesn’t. That’s what our initial consultation is all about. Once you get started, our daily Pup Reports are the perfect way to stay in touch. You’ll get the latest and greatest on your furry friend: how close he came to catching that infamous squirrel, or news of that giant tree branch she tried to bring home as a present. We’ll also update you with daily pic postings on our Facebook page.

If you need more information regarding specific boundary areas we walk between Bathurst -Sherbourne, Queens Quay-Queen St.
please  call 647-456-8245

Please note that we also co-operate with all Toronto Dog Walker By Laws

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  • We Will NEVER Leave Your Dog Unattended

    As long as your pet is in our care, rest assured it will never be left unattended. We are there for you and your loved one the entire time.

  • We Monitor Your Pets Development

    We’ll set up a program for every stage of your dog’s development, and we constantly update your profile so that we always have the most up-to-date care instructions.

  • Easy Scheduling and Payment

    We accept email money transfers and cash.

Taking Care of Your Best Friend

Worried about leaving your dog home alone all day? Extra long work days? Too much energy for you to handle?

Now you don’t have to worry. Common behavioural problems such as barking, chewing & digging are sure signs your dog isn’t getting the stimulation & exercise it deserves.  We’ll make sure your dog has a fun filled, adventurous time, while out with our caring, fun and devoted walkers.

They will be dog-tired happy and not so much into redecorating your home, while you’re away.

City Safe Habits

Is your dog a true TDot Pooch? We’re savvy and street-smart and your little Torontonian wants to be that way too. Let us show him how. We reinforce city-safe dog walking habits like sitting at street corners and walking safely and calmly on busy city sidewalks. We also help build good etiquette and socialization habits that will stay with your pets their entire lives.

Our Toronto Dog Walkers

Would you want to be led through downtown Toronto by a stranger? Neither would we.  Our walkers are chosen based on experience, personality and detailed references. They’re vibrant and intelligent, warm and caring Each member of our team has been fully trained to provide a positive experience for both you and your dog. Your regular walker will form a bond and a rapport with your dog, and soon they’ll both be looking forward to their daily outings!

Free In-Home Consultation

We don’t just want to be your dog’s walker. We want to be your buddy’s second-best friend, so our dog walking service begins with a free in-home consultation. You’ll get to meet your walker and set up a schedule that best suits you and your dog’s lifestyle.

Toronto Dog Walking

Urban Tail dogs don’t just go for walks, they go for adventures.

We offer dog walking, home-style boarding, puppy & cat visits, & exotic pet care.
Our top priority is the health and happiness of your best buddies, 365 days a year!

Urban Tail offers professional, on leash, dog walking adventures in downtown Toronto including City Place, Harbourfront, Entertainment District & King West, Fort York & East Bayfront to name a few.

Our walkers will pick up your anxiously awaiting pooch and trot them off the nearest designated off leash park or trek around the city, investigating every fire hydrant, tree and enjoy watching that infamous squirrell scatter up a tree. They will look forward to meeting new and exciting friends in their small structured group, based on their temperament, age and agility.  We offer small groups of no more than 5 dogs, usually 3-4 dogs, to ensure they receive the proper personalized attention they deserve, while being safely secured to our walkers.

At the end of each walk, we will send you video updates and or photos, via text, to let you know what your fur baby was up to and how much fun they had on their adventure!

You will have peace of mind, knowing that you will always have the same walker and that we are always reliable and flexible and truly dedicated to putting you and your  furry family member our top priority always.  Pinky Paw Promise!

We live right in our service area, so most likely you have seen myself or our other walkers, with their pups in the park. If not, then we hope to meet you soon!

For the best, Professional Dog Walking Service call Urbantail today!


  • MINIMUM of 2 walks per week
  • $16
  • 30 minutes
  • $22
  • 60 minutes
  • Weekends & Evenings (5-8pm)
  • $25
  • 30 minutes
  • $35
  • 60 minutes
  • Holidays
  • $35
  • 30 minutes
  • $40
  • 60 minutes

Cat Visits

Experienced In-Home Cat Care

We will cater our cat sitting visits to your pets’ desires – we can brush, cuddle, play with, or just plain hang out with them on our visits. Our cat sitter’s time is spent giving each pet what they ask us for. Also, our pet sitters are Pet First Aid trained, to ensure the safety of your precious friend while you are away.

Urban Tail has years of experience providing in-home cat sitting visits and pet sitting visits for other animals including Avians, Reptiles, Fish (Marine & freshwater) & other small creatures. Our  sitters will visit your home daily to give your pets the love and attention they deserve in your absence. In home sitting reduces your pets’ stress while you are away and allows them to hang out in their favourite haunts, eat familiar food, play with their same toys. They also receive special one on one attention that only a loving cat sitter can provide.

More than Just Cat Sitting – House Sitting!

When cat sitting, your home will also be well cared for in your absence. Each day our cat sitters will perform a security check of your doors and windows and ensure you have not had pipes burst, water leaks etc. This is an advantage to you, since many home insurance policies require regular visits while you are gone.

The cat sitter will also collect mail and newspapers, change around lights and blinds, ensure courier packages are held, and we even water plants! Rest assured, your home will be in fine form upon your return.

Please note* We drive logo-free vehicles. This maintains your privacy, and reduces the possibility of a break-in during your absence.

  • Additional Holiday Charge
  • $10

Puppy Visits

Experienced In-Home Puppy Care

Congratulations on bringing home your new bundle of joy!  We know how special your little loved one is.  We also know that they require lots of attention and love. Let us ease  your workload by providing the necessary care and attention.

When you can’t be there, we will come by to play with, feed and to maintain their potty routine. These visits mean your puppy won’t feel alone and afraid and will have all of their needs met with lots of play and cuddling. Puppy visits facilitate their potty training, as we will take them out to relieve themselves, so they learn to go potty on the grass and not in the house. As your puppy gets a little older we can teach them how to walk on leash and we will maintain any rules and training methods you are currently using. We only use positive and reward-based training methods. Playtime is important as you will want your puppy to get some exercise so they will be tired out and have a nap, rather than being worried about where you are all day. During these early weeks they will likely still be having a lunch as they are growing. We’ll make sure they have their lunch and take them out again to do their business. The visit lasts for 30 minutes and can be booked for anytime during our regular walking hours. We also send daily detailed notes with cute photos and videos of your puppy having fun and getting lots of love.

  • Additional Holiday Charge
  • $10

Bed & Biscuit

Crate-free, Home-style Boarding

When you take your vacation, they’ll be having a vacation too! We will spoil and pamper your pooch, in a safe comfortable home, filled with lots of love and attention, healthy treats and a minimum of 4 walks per day, depending on their age and physical ability. As well as outdoor play at a designated off leash, with your permission. We accept no more than 2 dogs to ensure a quiet and stress free environment for your pup and to ensure the attention it deserves.  Then relax on a couch or bed. Ahh…  No crates here, unless requested by you.  Just couches and pillows. You can also check up on your pet anytime by email or text and we’ll be happy to update you with photo and video adventures, of their vacation with us as well!  You can review our pet boarding policies and procedures here.

Additional rates apply for holidays, puppies under 8 months and additional pets.

  • Additional Holiday Charge
  • $10

Client Testimonials

Aimee & Otis

When we adopted Otis from a pet rescue, we were delighted with our puppy but” distressed by his separation anxiety. Integrating him into our home was not going to be easy. We quickly decided that we needed to get Otis a dog walker. Lori became our doggy saviour, visiting Otis each and every day and taking him out on the town. Completely reliable, totally trust worthy, and absolutely loved by our puppy we couldn’t have found a more caring or dedicated professional. Each day she would leave a little note for us telling us about how Otis was that day. Slowly and surely, Otis outgrew his separation anxiety in part because he always had his daily walk with Lori to look forward to. While we are happy to be moving from our condo to a new house, we are so sad to be leaving Lori’s area. Otis is going to miss her daily walks and we will miss her commitment to our family. She has cared for Otis as if he was her very own dog.

Aimee & OtisSt. Lawrence Market
Nicole & Charlotte

Lori has instantly become an extension of our family! I’m not sure what I would do without the services of Urban Tail. As a young professional with a busy work life, it feels refreshing to know that Lori is trustworthy, honest, and committed to my dog’s well-being. She is always a phone call or text away to lend a hand with, in essence, the healthy upbringing of my treasure! From a young age,

Charlotte has had the pleasure of being surrounded by the care, consideration, and love of Lori .Not only is it comforting to know that Charlotte is with Lori, but her personal charisma and charm make her a treat to work with. Anyone who has a dog, I only have one recommendation – take advantage of one of the best, hidden secrets in Toronto! Urban Tail.”

Nicole & CharlotteSt. Lawrence Market
Megan, Jared & Edie

We cant thank you enough for all the amazing walks you took Edie on and being so flexible with out ever changing schedule .  You are an amazing dog walker!!

Megan, Jared & EdieYorkville
Erica & Cash

I would recommend Urban Tail to anyone looking for an amazing dog walking service. They won’t let you down. Flexible and outstanding service! Thank you Lori & Urban Tail!!

Erica & CashLiberty Village
Kelly & Mickey

Lori was our dog walker for 4 years and we couldn’t be happier with her. She was always reliable, showing up every day (sometimes twice with our schedules) and letting us know how the walk went. I could always trust that my dog Mickey, who had health issues, was in good hands. This was invaluable. I truly don’t know how we would have done it without her! Lori felt like an integral part of our Mickey’s life. She also sat Mickey when we were away. Lori’s daily updates and photos put my mind at ease. Mickey’s excited reaction every time Lori came to the door was the best review you could ask for.

Kelly & MickeyKing West
Michelle & Atlas

We met Lori shortly after we brought home our Goldendoodle Atlas. Lori is patient, trustworthy, and loves every dog like her own! We started with puppy visits, solo walks, and then onto group walks. Atlas is over the moon as soon as he hears Lori at the door! We are so grateful for all of the adventures and time Lori has spent with Atlas. We highly recommend!

Michelle & AtlasEntertainment District
Angela & Tempo

Lori has walked my sheltie dog Tempo for over 5 years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Lori is very reliable and cares a lo about making the walks fun and interesting. I love hearing about and seeing photos of their adventures.

Angela & TempoEntertainment District
Caroline & Moose

I’m coming up on a year since I bought Moose, my English Bulldog, home as a little puppy, so I’m reminded of all the help and support I’ve had from Lori in the last year! Could not recommend her enough, from puppy visits in the early weeks to boarding when I needed it, and twice daily walks to this day that Moose loves, Lori does it all! I’m not sure if I could ever feel as comfortable leaving Moose with anyone else, I know he’s in good knowledgeable safe hands and that if anything ever happened he’d be taken care of with speed. I cannot recommend Lori and Urban Tail highly enough!

Caroline & MooseHarbourfront

Service Area

Queen Street to Queen’s Quay and Bathurst to Sherbourne Street


Eglinton Ave. to St. Clair Ave. and Avenue Rd. to Laird Dr.


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