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Get Comprehensive Pet Care Services at Urban Tail!

Welcome to Urban Tail, a Toronto-based pet care service provider that’s dedicated to delivering outstanding general pet care services for your cherished furry friends! We understand that every pet is special and has unique requirements. That’s why our team of experienced and compassionate pet care professionals is committed to ensuring your pets’ health, happiness, and well-being. From medication administration to quality bonding time, we go above and beyond to provide personalized care that meets the individual needs of your beloved companions.

Why get pet services in Toronto?

Our pet care services encompass a wide range of essential tasks to support your pets’ overall well-being and maintain their quality of life. Here’s a glimpse into what our dedicated team can offer:

Medication Administration

We understand that some pets require regular medication to manage their health conditions. Our well-trained caregivers have expertise in administering various forms of medications, including oral medications, topical treatments, and injections. With meticulous attention to detail and a strong commitment to following your veterinarian’s instructions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet’s medication needs are in capable and caring hands.

Playtime and Exercise

Physical exercise and mental stimulation play key roles in your pet’s overall well-being! Our dedicated pet caregivers prioritize engaging in playtime activities with your pets, providing them with exercise, interaction, and enrichment opportunities. Whether it’s playing fetch, participating in interactive games, or going for energizing walks, we tailor the activities to suit your pet’s age, breed, and energy level.

Feeding and Hydration

Proper nutrition and hydration are fundamental to your pet’s health and vitality. Our caregivers adhere to your specific feeding instructions, ensuring that your pets receive appropriate portion sizes and dietary requirements. We provide fresh water at each visit and diligently monitor their eating habits for any changes that may require attention. We understand the significance of a consistent feeding routine in promoting healthy digestion and maintaining an ideal weight.

Pet Companionship

Pets thrive on companionship and human interaction. Our general pet care services greatly emphasize spending quality time with your pets, offering them love, attention, and companionship. We understand that pets may experience separation anxiety or loneliness when you’re away. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide comfort and reassurance, ensuring your pets feel secure and cared for even in your absence!

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